Appendix A. Referances

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Simone Demblon reference material
Online sources for recommended reading

Simone Demblon reference material

  • 14 years UNIX support, training and research

  • Maurice Bach "The Design of the UNIX operating system"

  • PC A Power User's Guide - Harry Fairhead

  • Unix Power Tools - O'Reilly

  • System Performance Tuning - O'Reilly

  • Termcap and Terminfo - O'Reilly

  • A Quarter Century Of Unix - P Sulcas

  • SCO Unix Internals course attended with Peter Kettle 1994 (approx)

  • Understanding the Linux Kernel - Daniel P Bovet & Marco Cesati - O'Reilly (has a really excellent Source Code Structure list at the back of the book.)

  • Sebastian Spitzner - Phyrix Systems (Pty) Ltd.