Installation and Configuration Checklist

To Install the hardware

  1. Take a note of device compatibility

  2. Take a note of the address information (the section called “Hardware Configuration and Compatibility”).

  3. Make sure that you know your system thoroughly e.g. How much memory do you have?

Prepare to install the operating system and software

  1. Calculate the amount of disk space that you will need for each application or additional software that you are intending to install.

  2. Also note in the installation guides for this additional software if they have recommendations for allocating kernel resources or installation tips.

  3. Prepare the materials required for the installation (CDROM etc.)

  4. Read any installation guide that is available to you

Install Operating System

  1. Consider the defaults supplied throughout the installation process. Not all are applicable to your installation

  2. Determine the hardware interrupts and install the devices

  3. Follow the installation process carefully and make notes of all the settings that you configure and the decisions that you make, any error messages or areas of concern that we may have to go back to.

Configure the system and software

  1. Look at the security requirements that you are going to have and implement the relevant solutions.

  2. Install the application software and make changes to resources if required.

  3. Install users, passwords and make other changes to the system profile files.

  4. Follow the process in chapter two for post installation configuration.

  5. Verify your set-up.

  6. Make a backup of the clean system.

  7. Create a system log.


  1. Follow system resources versus system needs and change if affecting performance

  2. Create and keep organizing the filesystems and files

  3. Manage the users processes

  4. Administrate and monitor system security and closely follow the log files

  5. Maintain the network and access to the Internet if required

  6. Educate the users and hand over some responsibility e.g. log in and lo out procedures and appoint/train a junior printer administrator or backup administrator or user administrator per floor or division.