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Linux Certification Programs


We hope that you will enjoy using the training materials produced by the Learn Linux project and use them to attain one or more of the following certifications which these materials cover.

Linux Professional Institute Certification

The Linux Professional Institute currently has two levels of certification, Junior Level Administration (LPIC1) and Intermediate Level Administration (LPIC2). At the time of writing the Senior Level Administration (LPIC3) course was still being developed.

SAIR Linux and GNU Certification

We intended to cover the SAIR Linux GNU certification as well, but it seems as if it no longer exists. From their home page http://www.Linuxcertification.org/ it seems that this certification has been taken over by Thomson Learning corporate and professional training operations. We have made repeated attempts at contacting the new administrators of this certification, with no response. SAIR-GNU offered three levels of certification: Administrator (LCA), Engineer (LCE) and Master Engineer (MLCE).

Red Hat Certification

One of the reasons Red Hat has been so widely accepted in the Enterprise environment, is because it has created (and updated) its own certification for its products. People respect the RHCE certification, because it is not easy to attain. Unlike other certifications, the RHCE and RHCT exams are done on live test systems, that simulate tasks that System Administrators should be capable of doing.

There are two levels of certification offered by Red Hat; RHCT (Red Hat Certified Technician) and RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer). The RHCE is the more advanced certification. The RHCE and RHCT exams are performance based practical labs. In other words you are given a exam based on situations that you will find in the real world. As of the end of 2003 these exams are based on the Red Hat Enterprise family of products, not Red Hat 9 as it was previously. More information about these certifications can be found at the http://www.redhat.com.