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System Administration Course


This courses teaches students how to install GNU/Linux. The courses uses the Debian distro as an example. Students install, create and manage user accounts, install new hardware, make backups and many other mission critical tasks a System Administrator would need to know.


Approximately 30 hours


For this course you need only one machine. The System Administration course begins by explaining how to install Debian. Run this course after you have completed and are familiar with the material covered in the Fundamentals course.


In order to successfully complete the System Administration course you would need enough knowledge to install an operating system.

After completion of the Fundamentals and System Administration courses you would have the equivalent knowledge of a Junior Administrator in Linux. You will have enough knowledge and experience (through intensive labs) to assist a fully qualified System Administrator in a commercial business situation.

At this stage all you will lack is further experience to enable you to perform the function of System Administrator.

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