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Welcome to the Learn Linux Project


Welcome, Learn Linux is an Open Source project that aims to develop Free/Open Source GNU/Linux Training Materials. The project initiative is supported by The Shuttleworth Foundation under the direction of the Open Source Team.

What makes this project special is that it is the first of its kind in South Africa and the international open source community. While there are many documentation projects centered on documenting Linux based software, this is the first project to develop a curriculum and course materials that can be freely used by anyone wanting to "Learn Linux" or to teach Linux to others.

The course materials are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Under this license, it is our hope that they will be used by private individuals and commercial organizations to learn and teach Linux.

We hope that everyone who benefits from these courses will take the time to participate in the "gift culture" of the Learn Linux Project.

On Line Classmates


To study by one's self is not easy. It's much easier when you have people to discuss things with. If you would like to have some 'Online Classmates' to study with, visit our sister web site, Moodle.

Moodle is an interactive training environment that provides students with the opportunity to access the Learn Linux training materials in a virtual classroom environment.

Many of the Learn Linux contributors are subscribed to Moodle, as are the members of the Open Source Team. Students can discuss amongst themselves and ask questions of the contributors and lecturers of the courses.

What's New

  • 09 NOV. 2004. - Learn Linux welcomes tuXlab

    As we prepare to take the Learn Linux live to the community, we have received news that the tuXlab project will be joining Learn Linux. This is great news for both projects and the schools who currently have tuXlabs fitted. more ...