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Interview with Smartsource Corporate Training


1. Why did you want to participate in the creation of this course?

As part of the OS community we believe it is important to give something back. This manual is the perfect way for us to be involved in doing something meaningful.

2. What is your impression of the work done by The Shuttleworth Foundation?

The SWF's work around OS I believe is fantastic. A small team of dedicated people are making a difference certainly in the Western Cape and I think in SA. There is much to do, but I think the projects the guys are involved in are well thought out and certainly meeting the SWF objectives of making OS technology available to more people.

3. How do you see this course benefiting the Linux community?

The availability of the manuals through this project will allow both newcomers to Linux and more experienced members to explore the power and opportunity that Linux offers them. It is a great resource for everyone and I believe that the entire community will benefit in one way or another.

4. Do you believe Open Source Software has a place in the business environment?

Smartsource Corporate Training's main focus is to skill IT professionals to integrate and administer OS technology within business. OS most definitely has a place in business, it is not long now before we will see Linux in businesses from the server to the desktop. It will soon be commonplace.

5. What did you learn whilst participating in this course?

The most exciting thing that came out of this course is the realisation of the strength of the Linux community. From the SWF volunteers to the highly skilled technical guys responsible for content, everyone has a passion for OS and a commitment to it, and that is hard to match, hence the bright future for Open source technologies.