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Interview with Konrad Rode


1. Why did you want to participate in the creation of this course?

It suits my value system - I'm a sucker for the small guy, especially when you get quality products. And participation gives me the opportunity to learn.

2. What is your impression of the work done by The Shuttleworth Foundation?

Much needed breath of fresh air for the developing world, giving us the opportunity to stay competitive with the developed countries. With globalisation in full swing it's make-or-break for us and we can't afford to be left behind.

3. How do you see this course benefiting the Linux community?

More converts would lead to more contributors, this will improve Operating System stability Integrity as a platform as the growing market share of Linux will have a positive effect on marketing open source

4. Do you believe Open Source Software has a place in the business environment?

Oh yes! Big selling points are economic viability and freedom from hostage-taking by vendors of proprietary software. Even my platform of choice as a designer, Mac OS X and its browser Safari are built on and contribute toward Open Source. In the developing world (at least!) I have no doubt that open source is the way to go. Already the Brazilian government are making noises about converting to Linux and South Africa has a remarkably similar socio-economic make-up. I hope we will follow suit.