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Building the Sources

Make it

Our build uses the "GNU make" command. The "Makefile" is located in the root of "trunk/".

Each of the make targets for the books result in HTML and PDF files being output to "trunk/build". All resources required during viewing of the HTML format are copied to "trunk/build". These folders folders are not under revision control, they are created during transformation and only only reside in your working copy. It is these files you will want to use copy to your web server or print.

Building the sources

Assuming you have setup your environment correctly, the "Makefile" will make it easy to obtain the formatted outputs it supports. The make targets for each of the books is as follows:

  • fundamentals: Builds the "Fundamentals" course.

  • sys-admin: Builds the "System Administration" course.

  • net-admin: Builds the "Network Administration" course.

  • electives: Builds the "Elective Courses" course.

  • internals: Builds the "Internals" course.

  • shell-scripting: Builds the "Shell Scripting" course.

To build a book:

  1. Start a Shell session
  2. Change present working directory to trunk/
  3. Do make [targetname]
  4. When transformation is complete, look in "trunk/build/targetname/" for HTML and PDF formats
It is also possible to build all the course books in a single sequence by doing make books