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Bug & Issue Tracker


The Bug & Issue Tracker is a web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system. We use it to report bugs, requests for change, and requests for enhancement. In this way we are collectively able to keep track of issues and anyone can choose to take responsibility for an issue. This is "the power of the Open Source community."

Posting Bugs and Issues

Before posting an issue please check whether or not there is already a ticket for the issue you wish to post. In addition, consider where the problem is located. If the problem is related to the technology tool-chain, then please ask questions and post issues to the relevant project.

Examples of issues to post here includes, but is not limited to:

  • Markup is semantically incorrect.

  • Markup is invalid.

  • Markup is inconsistent.

  • Explanation is technically incorrect.

  • Explanation is unclear or ambiguous.

  • Sentence is grammatically incorrect.

  • Topic is not discussed.

  • Word is misspelt.

  • Cross-reference is incorrect.

  • Link is broken. For example: a dead link or a missing image.

Try to reslove the issue by yourself before creating a ticket. If you cannot, then clearly decribe the problem in the shortest manner so that people can locate the problem. We suggest including the filename, an XPath to the nodes affected, and discription of "what is" and "what should" be.