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Interview with Riaan Bredenkamp


1. Why did you want to participate in the creation of this course?

I wanted to experience a different aspect of IT, as that industry is not just about programming or fixing networks. When I became involved with this project I knew next to nothing about Open Source and now I am almost ready to never use proprietary software again.

2. What is your impression of the work done by The Shuttleworth Foundation?

I think they are holding the right end of the stick, in that throwing a lot of money at organisations would have been the wrong approach. They have done the right thing by enabling people to make a difference, rather than just money making a difference. A lot of people feel like they want to change things, but they are not always able to act on these feelings. What the Shuttleworth Foundation has done is to enable these people to contribute to their society. I think of SLUG and the diverse people who volunteer their services to help install Linux systems on school premises.

3. How do you see this course benefiting the Linux community?

It will enable more people to give Linux a try, and that is all it needs.

4. Do you believe Open Source Software has a place in the business environment?

Definitely, provided that it is marketed correctly. There is a stigma around Linux, people believe that only technical people can use it, the current users of Linux must work to change this mindset, else Open Source Software will always play second fiddle to proprietary software.

5. What did you learn whilst participating in this course?

That there is a lot of work involved in creating a manual. Managing to get all the resources and skills together was a big task. Luckily all the people involved shared great enthusiasm for our goal - to enable a much people as possible to use Linux and exose them to the concept of Open Source Software.