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Interview with Simone Demblon


1. Why did you want to participate in the creation of this course?

I found the idea exciting. Being associated with like-minded people and getting up to speed again with what is happening out there in training.

2. What is your impression of the work done by The Shuttleworth Foundation?

What they are doing with education and entrepreneurs inspires me and gives me hope, in what I thought was quite a bleak future for our country.

3. How do you see this course benefiting the Linux community?

I think good and readily available training is an advantage no matter what the situation it is presented in. Knowledge has the power to change a community and enable it to grow successfully.

4. Do you believe Open Source Software has a place in the business environment?

Open Source in business is a radical concept. It reminds me of the people who are working on anti-gravity machines or an alternate source of fuel. Where it is such a different way of thinking, such a different mind shift, that I do not know if it will happen or be stopped. If accepted it has huge potential to revolutionise the business community in a really good way.

5. What did you learn whilst participating in this course?

I know nothing and I know a lot. I have a passion for education and there are some really good people in the world who use their advantages wisely and courageously.